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E-Commerce Web Site

Electronic commerce or e-commerce is the process of conducting business via the exchange of transaction information using computers and the internet.  With more and more customers choosing the shop from the convenience of their home or office, allowing your business to conduct online transactions has become essential for a global market.  

Our customized e commerce website will allow you to have control over your product inventory and descriptions.  You can edit the quantity of items available when an item sells out.  You can add new inventory and do many other things.  Basically you will have a “real” store except located in cyberspace.  This will allow you to sell your items 24 hours a day 7 days a week and to reach customers that a brick and mortar store can not. 

Some of the features in our e-commerce websites are: 

  • Login screen

  • New item

  • Remove item

  • Client details

  • Inventory new category

  • Category page content

  • Stock level indicator

  • Contact us

  • Company information

  • Options

  • New subcategory

  • Edit item

  • Order details

  • Privacy Statement

  • Database Driven

  • Reports

  • Map and Directions

  • Paypal payment gateway (receive payments through paypal)

  • Gateway available for credit cards (ie. 

At Osaid Inc, our professionals will customize an online shopping mall for your business needs.  We will design your shop and allow customers to select, order, and pay for goods though your e-commerce site.  Our web developers will work with you to create a user friendly web site that will cater to your needs.


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